Headband Heaven ~ Top 10 Bow Boutiques

Someone once told me, "The Bigger the Bow, the Better the Mommy!" Well, I am aiming to be the BEST mommy! :) lol Little Miss Brinley (much to her daddy's dismay) has a bow on everywhere we go! Poor thing has what we call peach fuzz - so headbands are our friend!

Newborn Headbands - Can anyone spot Brinley? :)

I thought I'd share my favorite places for headbands - in no particular order...

And here's my princess in her Ellura Sage Bows! :) {MY how I wish she was still this LITTLE!}
We're now 4 months and a whopping 14.5 lbs... a long way from my 6lb 7oz peanut!

And I can't help but give a shout out to all of the amazing photographers who took these adorable pictures of these babies in bows! Ours is Megan Forehand Photography... we LOVE her!

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