'Designer' Hospital Gown Tutorial

These gowns are PERFECT for anyone with an upcoming hospital stay. I made this one for a sweet friend who's expecting a baby boy any day now!

They have more coverage than the typical hospital gown with Velcro enclosures on both the shoulders and down the back. Not to mention, much cuter with the endless possibilities of adorable cotton prints out there!

The FREE hospital gown pattern comes from Lazy Girl Designs  and you can download the Adult Size Hospital Gown HERE. There's also a pattern for child size hospital gowns! Be sure and read Suzie's Story- the inspiration behind this pattern- so very touching and inspiring.

Now I'm going to show you how to make you're very own - a more simplified version of the original pattern (with just a few shortcuts I learned along the way).

Materials (modified version):
  • 3 yards of breathable (but not see through) cotton fabric
  • 4 pieces (1"x12") of lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Sew on Velcro (9 pieces of hook and loop cut to 2" each)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Iron & ironing board for pressing seams
  • sewing machine (of course) ;)

1. Assemble pattern pieces as directed and lay pattern out on top of fabric, folded in half so when you'll have two mirror image pieces for the right and 'left' sides of the back of the gown, and cut. For the 'Maternity Hospital Gown', or any gown you want full coverage - I would suggest cutting two RIGHT sides. From the pattern you'll see that the right side swings out a bit so if you cut two right sides they'll overlap nicely (no risk for your bum to be hanging out the back)!

I also add 1 inch to the pattern above the shoulder seam so that when you fold over your top seam, you don't take away from the sleeve circumference. If you add the 1 inch above the shoulders, make sure to add it to the front pattern piece as well.

2. Now ALONG THE FOLD, cut out the piece for the front of the gown. To modify the pattern I added 1 inch above the shoulders (so you can fold over the top seam where the Velcro will go twice and the sleeves will still be large enough) and also cut a deeper "U-shape" for the neckline. Only add the extra inch above the shoulder seam if you also added it to the back pattern pieces in step 1.

3. Press strips of fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric at the top of all 4 shoulder seams. And serge or zigzag stitch raw edges of shoulder seam. MODIFICATION- here I go ahead and zigzag stitch (I don't have a serger so I always use a zigzag stitch) along the raw edge of all 3 pattern pieces. It saves you from switching back and forth! :)

4. Turn over your shoulder seams (I turn them down about an inch) and stitch. This is why I add the inch at the top of the gown pattern

5. MODIFICATION ALERT- I am a beginner sewer, and although my machine has a setting to do button holes for me, I haven't ventured that far - so I DON'T add buttons or button holes here, I use Velcro. :)

SO, that being said - evenly space 3 pieces of Velcro along the seam, leaving at least an inch between the outer Velcro pieces and the raw edges - to leave enough room for hemming later. Sew soft half of the Velcro to the underside of the gown front and sew rough half to top side of back pieces. (Pictured above- sorry it's so hard to see. The dark Velcro blends into the material.)

6. Turn under, press and stitch each neckline (on all three pieces) and back opening on both back pieces. The neckline in the front piece is trickiest, just take your time and go SLOW. You've basically now finished all of the edges of the gown except the bottom hem and sewing the side edge to connect the back to the front. :)

7. MODIFICATION- You can add pocket here if you'd like. I waited to add it to the end, and again omitted the button hole and opening for a heart monitor.

8. Connect the back to the front by sewing all the way down the edge from the sleeve to the bottom - right sides together. Fold over, press and stitch both the sleeve hem and bottom hem.

 9. Sew Velcro down back of gown so that the two back pieces overlap a bit. If you haven't already, you can add your pocket here. I added mine to the front left chest, but you could chose to add two pockets at the waist, or no pockets at all. When you're all finished just turn everything right side out! 

Here's a picture of the very first gown I made! :) I'll be wearing it when my little one makes her appearance in a few weeks. I didn't add a pocket to this one, but I like how it looks, so I might just go back and add one.

If you're interested in having a gown made, let me know! I love making these and would love making one for you! If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please leave a comment and I'll be sure and get back to you!

Mommy and Me Hospital gown and peasant dress with ruffle butt bloomers!
Infant Peasant Dress AND Ruffle Butt Bloomer tutorials COMING SOON. :)


  1. I love the matching set! Such a great idea!

  2. This pattern is long enough in the front for a pregnant women? It is very cute and I am planning on making it but i wanted to double check before I start:)

    1. Yes, I've actually only made these as maternity gowns- including one for myself!

  3. Thanks for your "spin" on this pattern. I haven't sewed in a while and the directions on the pattern were lacking. I was glad to find your instructions. I was about to give up! The pictures were a great help!

    New Grandma-to-Be

  4. I am 5'4" and kind of petit.
    Would I need to make any alterations to the pattern to ensure a proper fit?

  5. Thanks for pattern just wondering what size does it fit. My granddaughter wants one. Thanks so much Carole Akers

  6. The pattern is for one size fits most. There's a lot of room and I imagine it would fit many shapes and sizes. I am 5'3 and I don't think the shortening is necessary. You want the length for modesty. Best advice I can give is to modify length to your preference against another dress you have!

  7. Awesome pattern, I'm definitely going to make this next time I have a baby! Check out this awesome Diaper Bag tutorial to go with your cute hospital gown! http://www.happymamatales.com/diaper-bag-tutorial/

  8. I am curious how hard this would be to modify to a plus size? I am a 2xl pre-pregnancy and I dont want to make something like this just to have it not fit or not be comfy...